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1. Watch the YouTube Videos
Use Page 3 'Video Overviews', for links to more blog-building videos by Blogger & others.

2. The Claim

There is absolutely NO reason for any Lycoming County small business, group, or individual that desires a web page . . . to not have one . . . given the availability of today's user-friendly web tools, and available local assistance.

3. The Concept

You can create and maintain an inexpensive web page at a cost of about $9 per year, that you can easily update yourself, by doing the following 3 steps:

  • Create a web page, by using a currently-free blog from Google
  • Adjust blog settings to get rid of all possible clutter, and remake it into a "business blog".
  • Create a "forwarding domain name" of the format "YourName.com" from GoDaddy.com ($9/year), and forward it to your web page.

4. For More Information

  • Use Link 2 at right, to view some EXAMPLES of local blogs.
  • Use Link 3 at right, for a list of ADVANTAGES of using a blog to host your web page.
  • Use Link 4 at right, for information about Forwarding Domain Names.

5. "How To Do It" Presentations

34 people attended the 1/23/08 presentation at Brown Library (photo above, click-it to view it larger). There may be a future presentation on using blogs & forwarding domain names, if there is interest.