5 Forwarding Domain Name

(this page updated 4/29/09)

A Few Domain Registrars
Comments: Most recently (April 2009) I have been using GoDaddy.com. In 2008 I was recommending 1and1com , as they were a bit cheaper (about $7 versus $10 for GoDaddy) plus they offer free email, and free private registration if you want it.

But now 1and1 has raised their price to within a dollar of GoDaddy, and GoDaddy in my opinion has better customer support. The
1and1 support people are helpful, but they tend to be "offshore" and I have trouble understanding their accents. GoDaddy's support people seem to be currently located in the US, and I can understand them much easier.

About Forwarding Domain Names

A "forwarding domain name" works for web pages, similarly to the way a forwarding telephone number works for telephones.

You can get a "forwarding domain name" of the format "YourName.com" from GoDaddy.com (or a similar registrar) for about $9/year.

For example, the forwarding domain name 'NineDollarWebPage.com' (and also 'NineDollarWeb.com') forwards to 'NineDollarWebPage.blogspot.com. Similarly, the forwarding domain name 'BallroomDances.net' forwards to 'track2.com/dance'.

The biggest CHALLENGE today with finding a domain name, is that so many of them have already been taken.

For More Info

Visit the Forwarding Domain Names Page on Track2.com.