P2 Links For Presentation

These links will be used as part of the discussion, during the Jan 23, 2008 presentation at Brown Library. (used with handout in Link 12)

Section 3 - Examples
  1. JVBrown.edu - use menu path "Services" -> "SusquehannaSeniorNet" to get to
    SusquehannaSeniorNet.org (blue background)
    * Note a 2nd person to update the "Class Details" page
    * Note we link to YouTube videos on page 5 (Video #2 Fundamentals)

  2. KaraffaConstruction.com
    * Used logo and photos provided by Don Karaffa.
    * "Masking" is turned on (hides actual address).

  3. MiltonModelTrainMuseum.com
    * Used logo and photos provided by organizers

  4. CatawissaTrackCleaners.com - this website displays PHOTOS of unique, custom-made products; an EXCELLENT use for a web page.

  5. WilliamsportBallroom.com - Allows multiple groups to post their dances.
    (purple background)

  6. ScrantonDance.com (blue background)

  7. RailNet Dec 2007 Model Railroad Shows (gray background)

  8. NineDollarWebPage.com - home page for $9 web page notes.
    use link at top of page, "Watch The YouTube Video"

    ------Additional Examples, probably not used for presentation------

  9. TandJTrainJunction.com
  10. GaryAndBonnie.com
  11. SocialOrganizationForSingles.org

  12. Section 6 - Updating A Blog Web Page

    ------ EXERCISE - Blog Update ------

  13. Track2 Test Blog U:___________________________

  14. Track2 Test 2 Blog (gray background)

    Section 11 - Forwarding Domain Name

    ------ EXERCISE - Search For Domain ------

  15. GoDaddy.com u:____________________________

    _____________________ (change forwarding)

  16. Blogger help page: Where can I buy a custom domain name for my blog?
  17. 1and1.com - alternate domain registrar

    ------ HOW TO VIDEOS ------

  18. YouTube-How to create a blog with Blogger by Google

  19. YouTube-Purchasing and setting up a Custom Domain through Blogger by Google.
    Note: I haven't used this system. I have been getting names directly from GoDaddy.com and 1and1.com.

    ------ Other 'How To' Pages -----

  20. Most Frequent Blogger Questions (Ron Southern)
  21. Dummies Guide to Google Blogger (Peter Chen)

    ------ Examples of Google Pages -----

  22. Jennifer & Jason's Wedding (Kathy Scott)
  23. Track2 Test Page on Pages (Jim Ingram)
    * Link list shows only on main page,
    * Email address shows in blog address
    * No provision to add multiple users
    * Photo handling doesn't work well on my Macintosh.