R2 Free Photo Resizing Software

If a photo that you want to upload is really large, you probably want to reduce its size. Normally I try to keep photos limited to about 1500 pixels in width. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements is probably the industry standand for working with photos. If you don't have this program or one of the many similar programs on your computer, there is a free web-based program you can use called Picnik.

A. Trying Picnik

This informaiton was in the March 17,2008 issue of Time magazine, page 56.
They had an article on free software. They mentioned "Picnik" ( Picnik.com ) as being a substitute for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

B. Testing Picnik:

I tried it out on my Macintosh. It seems to work.

1. I uploaded a photo from my hard drive to Picnik -- see Image 1 below .

2. I cropped the photo -- see Image 2 below.

3. I resized the photo -- see Image 3 below.

4. I saved the photo from Picnik back to my hard drive, at JPEG compression Quality of 6 -- see Image 4 below.

You can do MORE operations. I just tried the most common ones that I normally do with Photoshop elements -- crop, resize, and save at "reduced quality" -- all with the purpose of reducing the file file.

Time Magazine says the following:
"If simplicity is genius, then Picnik.com is the Einstein of photo-editing programs. Just upload a picture from your computer, then click to crop, rotate or add special effects. You don't even have to create an account to use this ad-supported site.

C. Ingrams's Comments:

Personally I'd still rather use my Photoshop Elements, since it's a bit faster. ((In Picnik there's a slight "wait" while you upload a photo from your hard drive to Picnik.))
But Picnik had the advantages of:
  • Being FREE, can be used without requiring creation of account and password.
  • Being accessible from ANY computer
  • Don't have to buy or load any special software, other than having a browser.
  • Fairly easy to use.