R3 Comcast/Verizon/Yahoo/Google Pages

1. Comcast & Verizon Pages

You can get free webspace and a fairly easy-to-use editor from both Comcast and Verizon, if you get your internet service from one of them.



I do NOT recommend using Comcast and Verizon pages, because you are essentially "marrying" one of them. If you change your internet provider, then your web page dissappears.

2. Yahoo & Google Pages

Google pages work somewhat similar to the Google blogs being discussed here. The last time I tried Google pages back in early 2008, the picture uploading feature did not work well for Macintosh. Yahoo's system also does not work well for Macintosh. If you plan on always using Windows (depressing), these two systems might work fine for you.

3. Other Easy Web Pages

Some of the domain name registrars include a small web site when you purchase a domain name. 1and1.com I believe includes about 5 pages at no cost with a domain name.

Some of the business credit card accounts also include a web site.

I'm sure there are many more that I don't have listed here.